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notes (TV commercial)

A commercial came on the SCI-FI Channel last week promoting In the ad, a kid is laying down reading a magazine. Guess what magazine... "Bronco Driver"

? drug ad (TV commercial)

We just heard from someone that said they saw Bronco Driver magazine on a TV commercial. It was a "drug" ads but did not remember which. There was a little kid sitting on the end of the parents' bed reading issue #9 (BC Broncos red/white/blue racer).
Has anyone else seen it? What "drug" is it?

Classic Bronco

movie/TV show


movies Into The Wild (movie) A green EB is shown as being used in the upcoming movie. They even have downloadable wallpapers showing it.
Link to smaller wallpaper.
One Crazy Summer (movie) In the scene where Hoops and Cookie are at the drive-in movies. She's driving a Big Bronco. When she leans over to kiss him, you see the early Bronco a couple of cars behind them. It looks fuzzy, but you can tell. When Hoops falls out of Cookies Bronco, look over his shoulder, you can see it better.

Cellular (movie)

A nice olive green EB is used by the "hero" in the movie. See the movie trailer on this link or this large version

Radio Flyer (movie)

In this movie starring ELijah Wood in his earlier days, the sherrif of the town drives an awesome EB throughout the movie.

50 First Dates (movie)

A nice blue and white EB with no top is seen in the parking lot of a cafe when Drew goes to stop a cop from giving her VW "Thing" a registration ticket.

Basic Instinct (movie)

Two EBs are parked in the street outside of Michael Douglas's apt.

Life or Something Like It (movie)

Angelina Jolie's boyfriend drives an early Bronco throughout the movie

Sol Goode (movie)

Sol's girlfriend drives a white EB. Long scene with Sol and GF's conversation sitting on hood leaning on windshield. Danny Comden & Carmen Electra

Crazy Beautiful (movie)

Girls drive a topless Bronco throughout the movie

Quiet Cool (movie)

Lead guy drives a blue Bronco

Blood Money (movie)

Andy Garcia stars along with an Early Bronco

American Anthem (movie)

Mitch Gaylord stars in and also drives an EB throughout the movie

Day of the Condor (movie)

Seen throughout the movie as the getaway vehicle. Possibly the most coverage of an EB in any film.

Bottle Rocket (movie)

Bob's brother "Future Man" has beautiful orange Bronco

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (movie) the lovely Jordana Brewster driving a black EB out in the middle of Texas where the EB takes a nasty spill.

Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer (movie)

Early Bronco seen in driveway and used for moving

Over The Edge (movie)

Ritchie's mom has sweet orange and black soft top. Gets rolled in chase

Smokey and the Bandit (movie)

During the "Smokey Red 22" there are many EB's including a dark green one with a lift and a stock yellow one.

Every Which Way You Can (movie) Real nice Red Bronco parked on street during the town wide fight near the end.

Menace to Society (movie)

A white Early Bronco can be seen in the chop shop of this early 90's film about life in the hood.

Great Outdoors (movie)

John Candy is standing at chili dog stand with his son and a red bronco with white top can be seen as a mini-van drives by. Bronco is parked and is seen only for a few seconds

Truth About Cats and Dogs (movie)

The guy that the girls like drives an early Bronco. No wonder they are interested.

The Eiger Sanction (movie)

A Baja Bronco is shown throughout the movie

Wanted Dead Or Alive (1985 movie) At the beginning a guy and his gal walk out of the bar and climb into a blue topless Bronco.

National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Reunion (movie)

A beautiful red, lifted, topless EB is seen when the kids go to the "rally"

Material Girls (movie) nice topless green eb

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (movie)

Johnny Depp plays the role of a sports reporter using and abusing every drug known to man and while doing so he gets a ride in the back of a Baja Early Bronco in a race across the Nevada desert...very cool, Depp's mug of beer was filled with sand at the end of his ride.

Gone in 60 seconds (the original movie)

Parnelli Jones Big Oly in the scene were all the stolen cars are lined up

Speed (movie)

Keaneau Reeves chases down the bad guys in a silver EB.

Pulp Fiction (movie) John Travolta and other star ride in black hard top wagon. Scene begins outside, watching Bronco pull away from corner, scene continues inside of Bronco with star occupants having conversation.

Charlie's Angles (movie)

Race between an Early Bronco and a Blazer, EB wins!

Rat Race (movie)

A black EB is pulled up Air Traffic Controller's tower by a rope!

Back Roads (movie)

movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field

Zoolander (movie)

the "guys" race around in a sweet silver roadster before having a gasoline fight while refueling & the bronco is blown of the few times that I have wanted to cry at a movie.

Dream Catcher (movie)


Dazed & Confused (movie)

the football coach drives a sweet uncut blue bronco

Convoy (movie)

A yellow EB is seen in the background when "Rubber Duck" goes to rescue his friend from the jail.

Silent Movie (movie) Mel Brooks and his two friends are driving down the street in their yellow Morgan, and right before and after the subtitles read "Hey boss pull over I'm thirsty", a red EB with cut fenders is parked along the street.

VHF (movie)

About 1 to 2 second shot of a couple of Broncos. One of them is a $1000. Rust bucket I bought from a kid in 1991.

A Bronx Tale (movie) "C" is sitting with friends in the first scene where he is portrayed as a teen-ager. When Robert DeNiro pulls up with his bus and C climbs aboard, there are two excellent shots (one rear passenger and one dead on from the front) of a perfect Early Bronco Pick Up: two tone; White and Navy Blue.
Lords of Dogtown (movie) early topless Bronco parked on road outside a skate board session
Fire in the Sky (movie) Right after travis has the flash back of getting the alien eye probe, and the detective is getting into his car. Again in a seen right after driving down the road.
Claire (TV movie) A very nice black EB (lifted/black hardtop) racing by the house driven by quote "the neighborhood hoolagan". Later in the movie the EB almost runs over a kid.
Ads Keds (print ad) Nice baby blue EB, topless. Model, Mischa Barton, is showing off her Keds shoes. Bronco has underdash A/C and automatic trans. It was in my fashion magazine. Don't EBs rock!!! See link for photo. Another.

DKNY Jeans (print/video ad)

Print ads for DKNY Jeans show a copper Bronco with a girl and guy cruising the desert. They also have a QuickTime movie on their website showing the adventures in the Bronco.

Anchor Blue Jeans (print ad)

Print ads for Anchor Blue Jeans show a red Bronco being "Defaced" by teen girls. Click on this link and go to "Girls Ads"

TV Shows TV Lost Season 3 Finale (TV show) The opening scenes and after the first hour, Jack is seen driving an late model EB. Metalic Brown color.
Brothers & Sisters (TV show) younger brother drives green eb
Bones (TV show) spotted in the desert while looking for a body
Barrett Jackson Auto Search (TV show) The L.A. team looks at an early Bronco and Craig Jackson talks about them

Surreal Life II (TV show)

One of the contestants came to the house in a nice lifted black EB

MTV Cribs (TV show) Johnny Damen (NY Yankee outfielder) shows off his lifted maroon EB.
Rob and Big (MTV show) Lifted orange EB parked in front of the Burbank, CA recycle center.

Trucks TV! (TV show)

Stacey David rebuilds a 66 half cab on a multi-show buildup.
See this link...

Monster Garage (TV show)

Jesse James makes a Monster Rock Crawler out of a stock '68

Vegas (TV show) Dan Tanna's Indian sidekick drove a toppless blue EB
Invasion (TV show) EB driven by park ranger/main character

CSI Las Vegas (TV show)

An a recent episode a beautiful early Bronco could be seen on the side of the road as they travel through a mining town.
In a later episode it gets shot up when used as a getaway vehicle.

Simple Life (TV show)

During the first episode of this "real life" show starring Paris Hilton the girls were sent to buy groceries. While loading their truck a nice red EB could be seen in the background

Northern Exposure (TV show)

In one episode Hayden claims injuries on his body for insurance (but he is discovered). Hayden has a Early Bronco (don't remember if a roadster or a wagon) with the top off in Alaska "cool" weather!

Alias (TV show)

Will Drives a dark blue EB that looks like it has a custom Rocky Roads hood. Episode where Will becomes CIA researcher.
"I thought that character was a dork until they started showing that sweet blue Bronco towards the end of the first season. In the second season (the scene mentioned above) they show a For Sale sign on that Bronco for $2,500! Darn, if life was only as realistic as T.V.!"

Police's Scariest Police Chases (TV show)

Cops chasing a car through Georgia pass a very nice red, lifted EB.

WWE Smackdown (TV show) In one episode, Brock Lesner drives one and smashes the hearse that the Undertaker is passed out in.

Ted Nugent's Survivor (TV show)

Black half cab used to "cart off" contestants that are voted off

The Dukes of Hazard (TV show) I was watching the DVD collection and in episode 10 (Deputy Dukes) Enus is getting Roscoe's car fixed at Cooters shop and in slow motion you can see the top half of a blue EB in the back ground (look close you can see the top and the windshield and wipers), and as they speed off there is a brown one inside Cooters garage. Two in one scene! Not bad

Green Acres (TV show)

The county agricultural agent, Hank Kimball, drives a Bronco with no top or rollbar. He began driving the it midway through the first season and continued driving it throughout the span of the entire series.

Rockford Files (TV show) In Season 3 Episode 6, Jim Rockford (the main character) steals one to elude oil field poachers.

Urban Myths (TV show)

A light blue uncut can be seen many times sitting beside the featured car of the show, a white Miata. The show talked about the urban legend of the Miata being stolen and being squashed (along with thief) during a San Francisco earthquake.

Cooper Tires (TV and print ads) Rocking commercial set to Jane's Addiction's "True Nature" with Desert Racing Early Bronco
TV commercials Rhino Linings (TV commercial) "There is a new commercial I have seen a couple of times on Fox Sports and also on the Outdoor Life Network that is an ad for Rhino Linings and there is a red EB shown twice wheelin some offroad trails"

Lowes (TV commercial)

In the commercial that they build a small shop called "Carla's Collectibles" a nice brown uncut can be seen briefly at the job site.

NAPA Auto Parts (TV commercial)

Alan Jackson is driving a classic red bronco in pristine condition with a chromed roll bar in the commercial
Click here to view it in mov format, wmv format.

Surge soft drink (TV commercial)

Yellow Bronco used as friends tease a guy coming out of the store

Baileys (TV commercial)

A light yellow EB can be seen in the back. It has door inserts and is lifted but it uncut.

Miller Beer (TV commercial)

A blue Bronco shows up about half way through the "blinking" ad.

Coors Light (TV commercial) Two guys pushing a bronco, which is out of gas, into a gas station in the desert. They go in to get a six pack of beer and gas, but they only have pocket change. They leave with the six pack and continue pushing the bronco.

Valtrex herpes medicine (TV commercial)

HAHAHA...yes, a green EB is in the commercial with a surf board on top

Advanced Auto Parts (TV commercial)

A red Early Bronco with a soft top is shown overheating in front of the parts store. A late Bronco can also be seen in the parking lot at the very end.

Advanced Auto Parts (TV commercial)

Red Early Bronco pulling a box trailer. Commercial seen on Speed channel.

Verizon Wireless (TV commercial)

EB chasing the sunset across the desert.

Verizon Wireless (TV commercial) Didn't show all of the bronco-just from the gap where the door meets the front quarter panel to the front of the Bronco. Clearly an EB. And she's green.

American Express (TV commercial)

A beautiful white bronco drives by in the desert with mountain bikes in the back

800 Collect (TV commercial)

Aylssa Malano gives a ride to a guy in front of a broken down bronco. I think it's blue

McDonalds (TV commercial)

An orange Bronco can be seen in the background of a McGriddles ad (the one with the old lady walking around).

Checkers Restaurant (TV commercial)


Rally's (TV commercial)

Shows a nice topless blue bronco at the beach.

Wendy's (TV commercial)

A yellow lifted EB sitting in the drive through.

Wendy's (TV commercial)

Blue bronco topless in drive-thru with a bike on the back

Mylanta (TV commercial)

In the commercial a blue Bronco can be seen very briefly driving down a beach

Toyo Tires (TV commercial) A purple EB with a body lift is seen in a commercial for "Toyo Tires."
Music Videos Static-X music Video
Link to watch
In the video "So" Wayne Static's blue EB is used throughout.
Colbie Caillat music video
Link to watch
New, up and coming musician Colbie Caillat uses a modified, green EB throughout her video "Bubbly"
Here is another video about her that also shows the EB.
Pussycat Dolls music video
Link to watch
In the beginning of the music video Don't Cha they are driving through a flood water area in a open top bronco.
Chick here to see a photo.
Josh Gracin music video In the beggining "Nothing to Lose" video a kid pulls up to his school in a dark blue EB.
Akon music video
Link to watch
A sweet orange Bronco is driven by Akon in Don't Matter

Red Hot Chili Peppers music video
Link to watch

An orange lifted bronco is used as a getaway car in a chase in the video "By the Way".

Keith Urban music video
Link to watch

In the video for "Stay Gone," Jimmy Wayne pulls up in the opening shots witha mint EB. I believe it's a two tone with a light yellow-green and white. The video was shot somewhere out west, in a nice mountainous area. The song is about Jimmy telling some girl to take a hike so she doesn't hurt him again... so the video is a man, his dog, and his Bronco out in the wilderness. It's a beautiful thing.

Alan Jackson music video
Link to watch

"Drive (For Daddy Gene)" video shows him in the end in a red Classic Bronco with his 3 daughters. Unfortunately, the lyrics of the song talk about a "Jeep"

Danielle Peck music video In the video "I Want Everything", a nice gray EB bronco pulls up to pick her up. The director of the video is Shawn Silva who has been in BRONCO DRIVER with his wife and their EB bronco. That is probably why the EB is in the video.

Tracy Byrd music video
Link to watch

Orange topless Early bronco in the video "Big Love"

Enrique Iglesias music video

Enrique Iglesias Drives a Early Bronco in one of his music videos (Much Music)

Jessica Simpson music video

Nice orange Sport in the background

Jessica Simpson music video There's a lot of good pictures in Jessica Simpson latest video of her riding around in San Francisco in a red early bronco.
Adema music video
Link to watch
In the video for "The Way You Like It" there is a red Bronco that appears in a large part of the beginning of the video.
Offspring music video
Link to watch
In the video "Defy You" a yellow Bronco appears in the background when the band plays. Later in the video there is a closer shot of some hoodlums coming out of the Bronco and starting trouble with some nerds parked next to them.
Rascal Flatts music video
Link to watch
A green EB is driven by "the girl" thoughout the video "Take Me There". Lifted with nice wheels/tires and black family cage. During the party there might even be a Full Size in some shots!
Kelly Clarkson music video
Link to watch
"My Life Would Suck Without Yo"u video features the very same green Bronco seen in the Rascal Flatts "Take Me There" and Colby Caillat's "Bubbly" videos

Big Bronco

movie/TV show


Jason Aldean's music video
Link to watch
A very nice 78 or 79 bronco playing in the mud can be seen in the video Hicktown
Movies Judgement Day (movie) The bad guys have a green police Bronco 80's model. They use it 2 times in the movie I believe. Car chase in one scene, and another to drive up somewhere.
Witless Protection (movie)
Link to watch
The main character, a body guard policeman (played by Larry the Cable Guy) drives a tan 94-96 Full Size throughout the movie.
National Treasure "Book of Secrets"
When Nicholas Cage leaves the Library of Congress, he hides behind a 92-96 Eddie Bauer
Tresspass (movie) Bill Paxton and co-worker use 92+ to drive to the abandoned industrial area. Ice-T and company later rip the CB out of it. Believe it was EB red/tan
One Crazy Summer (movie) In the scene where Hoops and Cookie are at the drive-in movies. She's driving a Big Bronco. When she leans over to kiss him, you see the early Bronco a couple of cars behind them. It looks fuzzy, but you can tell. When Hoops falls out of Cookies Bronco, look over his shoulder, you can see it better.
Living Proof: The Hank Williams Jr. Story (movie) Merle Kilgore drives up in a black '78 (round headlights) to check on Hank after he is released from the hospital.
3 Burials of Melquiades Estrada (movie) 80-86 bronco used for border patrol by the skinny, self righteous Border Patrol Agent. The one who shoots Estrada. Green and White IIRC.
Man of the House (movie) first part of the movie the bad guy is trying to run down another bad guy and crashes the nice black bronco into a semi-trailer
Bruce Almighty (movie) A 92+ Bronco drives behind Jim Carry while he is sitting on his car at the police training center.
Swimfan (movie) The main character drives a 1989-91 Bronco. Gray if I remember correctly. It was lifted with lights mounted on top.

Blow (movie)

In this biography about a dealer moving drugs from Columbia to the US, two 80's Big Bronco's are loaded with bails of cocaine during the opening and closing scenes of the movie. Stars Johnny Depp.

Secret Window (movie)

They drive a 78-79 Bronco off a cliff into a lake.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (movie)
Link to view
(search to minute 4:44-Rated R)

Like an 85 Bronco is driven by the freaks Harold and Kumar hate, and they end up stealing it and driving it, go see the movie...hilarious!

Ghost World (movie) When Steve Buscemi's Character is leaving the 50's diner, he's cut off by a lifted green bronco.
The Chase (movie)
Link to view
Lifted green FSB w/flames ends up rolled down the freeway. Anthony Guerin and Flea (a member of The Red Hot Chili Peppers) drive it.

Tango & Cash (movie)

When Tango and Cash went into the area of the villains,they were chased by two '78-'79 Big Broncos.

Dead Bang (movie)

The Sheriff dept. of the county has various big Broncos, and the bad boys have another.

The Long Kiss Goodnight (movie)

Geena Davis & Samuel L. Jackson steal a blue 87-91 Bronco from the bad guys, and then cruise around New Jersey. Geena kicks Samuel out of the moving truck - literally!

E.T. (movie)

At the beginning of the movie, on the dark forest scene a big '78-'79 appears and the next scene shows another.

Cliffhanger (movie)

Janine Turner has a big '80-'81 black Bronco with hood deflector.

Finding Forester (movie)

When Sean Connery is biking around, a Big Bronco is parked on the street.

Office Space (movie)

When Peter is trying to get to work in the first part of the movie, there is a full size that passes him in traffic.

North Dallas Forty (movie)

Nick Nolte drives a 78/79 out to view his future home during one scene.

A View to a Kill (James Bond movie)

80-86, once Bond gets to California.

Darkness Fall (movie)

Police Bronco taking main characters to light house 2/3rd into the movie.

National Security (movie)

Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn drive a white bronco in a chase and gunfight scene

Bad Boys (movie)

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith go after the bad guys who are driving a nice black Big Bronco with aftermarket front bumper

Bad Boys 2 (movie)

In the highway chase the DEA have a BB; a 80's. Then when Cid is picked up at the back up point they pick her up in a BB; a 70's

Go (movie)

Strip Club owner & son use 94-96 Beautiful Black Bronco to chase kids who shot up the club.

My Cousin Vinny (movie)

Vinny rides with the D.A. in his Bronco on the way out to the cabin to go hunting.

Vice Squad (movie)

The pimp in the movie had a 1979 black w/the reflective stripe package. Looked like a stock truck w/12.50"s on it.

Gone in 60 seconds (movie)

A black 96' model is used as a steakout vehicle in the parking lot of the casino/hotel

The Chase (movie)

Flea and Anthony Keedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers act as vigilantes, trying to stop Charlie Sheen on the highway with their Bronco so they can get on t.v.

American Beauty (movie)

Nice lifted dark 2 tone 92-96. Scene of wife driving home from range. Visible through driver's window as she turns corner

End Of Days (movie) Arnold throws Satan out of a window and onto a 87-91 Bronco

American History X (movie)

It's getting broken into in the beginning of the movie, Edward Norton catches the guys. (if you saw the movie you know what happened)

National Security (movie)

White 92-96 in a roll-over/ crash scene

8 Legged Freaks (movie)

the police chief mother drives a Bronco as her cruiser

Eraser (movie)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanessa Williams choose to drive throughout the movie is a black 87-91 Bronco.

Terminator 2 (movie)

80-86 Bronco.

Terminator 3 (movie) When Arnold is looking at the tavern, look over his left shoulder, and you will see an Eddie Bauer style tire cover on the back of a 92-96 Bronco
How to Lose a Guy in 10 days (movie) Black 92-96 at the end of the movie in the background

Bringing Down the House (movie)

A bronco is in the movie "bringing down the house" with steve martin and queen latifa

Ocean's 11 (movie)

A huge black BB with green flames and matching RC racer are featured in the beginning of the movie. In a race between the two the RC Bronco is run over by the BB.

Biker Boyz (movie)

same bronco as in Ocean's 11

Romancing the Stone (movie)

"Lil Mule", a blue, topless Bronco is used as an escape vehicle from "Pepe" the drug runner's hacienda.

Orange County (movie)

80-86 Bronco Jack Black drives in the movie Orange County

American Pie 2 (movie)

after the party at the cabin a 90+ BB is seen topless as the guys load their stuff into the back

Bats (movie)

A bronco is used as a Police cruizer

Outbreak (movie)

A red/white one is chasing a helicopter

Italian Job (movie)

a guy steals a 92-96 to give chase to a Mini Cooper

Enemy of The State (movie)

gets shot and rolled

Cone Heads (movie)

When the head of the immigration office is explaining his "tracking collars on Mexicans" plan, the map on his desk has a large, tan Bronco model sitting on the map.

Snow (TV movie) An orange fullsize Bronco is used by the "bad guy" throughout the movie. Very nice truck with a lift and many off-road extras (lights, bumpers, etc.)
Deja Vu (movie) The bad guy puts the bomb in a 96 Bronco...White and Red
Hunter Blood (movie) looks like a early 80's bronco with cool mods, and awesome sound, featured throughout the movie
Invation of the Body Snatchers (movie) Army green 78
Secret Window (movie) Dark green BB with white top is driven by a witness, later pushed over a cliff
Without a Paddle (movie) In the end of the move when you see Burt Reynolds and they recieve all the money, a Full Size can be seen in the background.
Crash (movie) two full size Broncos, both in a driveway behind the actors can be seen. Shown when two guys try to steal suv from rich guy, when there fighting.

National TV news

Interestingly enough, a Bronco made the media recently. In the aerial picture of the 'Neverland Ranch' right after it had been raided by law enforcement officers, there was a beautiful 92-96 parked right outside the front gate painted police black and white. Very fitting!

National TV news

OJ Simpson put the Bronco in the middle of one of the worst crimes ever

Twin Peaks (TV show)

The sheriff of the county drives a '87 or '88 big Bronco.

McGyver (TV show)

In one episode,the bad man drives a new black '87-'91 big Bronco

Fastlane (TV show on Fox)

Black one (I think 87-91 Body) was used as get away vehicle towing a trailer, then rolls with trailer still attached!

Orange County (TV show) Jack Black has a green Bronco. Looks to be about '86.

CSI (TV show)

There was an episode in the 2003 season where Grissom had to go to a desert town to investigate a murder. The town was crawling with Broncos of all years.

Monk (TV show) In the opening sequence of Season4 episode4(49) titled "Mr. Monk goes to the office", when the parking attendant goes to check out what's going on in the garage, you can see a '91 Full Size Bronco in the background. You can see it for almost the whole opening sequence.

JAG (TV show)

In several episodes, Big Broncos, one a 80-86, and a 92-96 appear in at least two episodes. One, the 92-96, is used by a ranking Marine officer as he runs from the police with his child. The 80-86 appears as a police vehicle in two separate episodes (one's brown, the other I think, was green); one I've seen, the other I heard about.

In another episode there was a 90 Silver Anniversary Edition. The main character was talking to someone in a parking lot and behind him was the maroon Bronco. I saw the bronco emblems between the driver's door and the removable roof.

Seinfeld (TV show)

You briefly see a black one traveling on the highway in the "bubble boy" episode

Mythbusters (TV show) Epidsode#66: Concrete glider.
When Kari, Grant and Tori are at the train platform, in the background there's a lifted 92-96

T.J. Hooker (TV show)

They used to have them as police cruisers on the show. 80-86 Broncos

Miami Vice (TV show) There is chase scene where 2 blacked out 79 broncos are chasing a drug dealer

Walker Texas Ranger (TV show)

I don't watch the show, but I happened across an awesome chase scene with a mid-80's bronco. Lots of swerving off road,bashing along in ditches and impressive air time. If I remember correctly, Bronco crashed :(

Simon & Simon There was a black and white beach patrol bronco at the end of an episode
Overhaulin' (TV show) A Bronco 92-96 is madeover.
Trucks TV (on Spike) 78-79 Bronco is the focus of an "on the cheap build", dragged out of a field (April 07).
Dell Computer commercial
Link to view
80s Bronco in the commercial. It is a lime green full size, the color of the snake the guy is holding.
Auto Zone TV commercial a Bronco is seen sitting in front of the auto zone
Petco commercial
Link to view
A Dog, Cat & Goldfish steal their owner's '95 white bronco to go to Petco. Picking up stray dogs on the way. Very funny!
Wranger Jeans TV commercial watch the "Wrangler jeans, that has the thin lizzy song "The boys are back in town"
ESPN TV commercial The rear end of an 80-86 Bronco can be seen when the dude is loading the truck up.

Toyota Camry TV commercial

A blue 78-79 is seen following around the guy in the "My Camry" commercial.

Bronco II

movie/TV show notes

Bull Durhan (movie)

Shows a Bronco II when the team is leaving the parking lot

The Descent (movie) Early in the movie and at the end. (nice race scene)

Uncle Buck (movie)

Uncle Buck's girlfriend, Chanice, drives a dark green Bronco II

Dumb and Dumber (movie)

In the very first scene, a two-tone drives by right after Lloyd stops his limo to talk to the Austrian girl

Broken Arrow (movie) Used by police woman in the wild, where the plane crashes
National Lampoon Vegas Vacation (movie) When the the parents get married and the family is leaving, in the background a red and white Bronco II is seen stopping for a light.

Shallow Hal (movie)

When Hal visits the burnt children for the second time and comes out of the hospital nice bronco 2, silver with black stripe

The Chase (movie) This is when Charlie Sheen is telling his hostage why he is running from the cops. There is a short clip during it where he is going around cars. As you watch you can see the black Bronco II tire cover as he passes the vehicle, thus a Bronco II. It appears to be possibly the blue two tone color, possibly an XLT version.

Ladder 49 (movie)

Main character Jack Morrison drives mid 80's gold colored Bronco II

Breakfast Club (movie) In the beginning of the movie, one of the kids is dropped off in a beige late 80's Bronco II
The Crow Wicked Prayer (movie) it has a low-rider Bronco in the movie
Ace Ventura Pet Detective (movie) A vanilla colored B2 is visible in traffic in a shot of Jim Carrey and a Shitzu looking out the sides of his car with a smashed windshield.
Seinfeld (TV show) While standing outside of the apartment building, a red BII with white side color passes behind him

Know of a Bronco in the Media? Let us know.


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